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  • They call it Canada FULL SCORE

    Commissioned by Claude Watson School for the Arts (Grades 4-8) in Ontario in honour of Canada’s Sesquicentennial birthday as a nation, July 1, 2017. This work began with a poetry contest with the children of Claude Watson. The poems, limericks, Haiku and free-verse were vetted by the staff and then submitted to Len for gleaning and fashioning into a song to be sung as a finale for their annual Reflections Concert.

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  • In the Beginning

    The cosmic theme of Genesis One is given a substantive treatment and evocative context in this major work for choir and ensemble.

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  • Night of the Angel

    The story of the shepherds encountering the angelic hosts on the hillsides of Bethlehem. Imagine the silence of the night being shattered by a 6-part vocal jazz ensemble!

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