Whom have I in heaven but you?

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Whom have I in heaven but you?

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This music works within a classic form and shape but with rhythmic subtleties pulling to the contemporary side. The text is treated initially in a wistful manner as suitable to the deeply personal question raised. However, this is contrasted dramatically in the 2nd section where the overwhelming creative majesty of God bursts into consciousness and affirms faith. Ultimately, the wondering thought is left to linger, suggesting awe and blessed significance within the cosmic order. A worthwhile and hefty sing in spots with some involved rhythmic nuances that will require careful and musical management.

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Words by: L.B. (based on Ps. 73:25-26; 74:12-17)
Music by: Len Ballantine


  • Involved

Duration: 4’43”
Orchestration: vocal/piano


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