Meaningful, Accessible, Satisfying

When I think about music and my music making, I’m reminded of the Spanish word “mas” which means “more”.

Meaning – I believe that music must possess meaning to be worthwhile.  Sometimes that meaning comes from a text that tells a story, or paints a picture, or directs our attention to the spiritual plane.  Sometimes that meaning simply comes from the stirring of the soul in response to a voice, a harmony, or a building of tension in the musical elements.  Whatever the stimulus, meaningful music is what I strive to create.  It must first mean something to me.  Only then will the performer and the listener find something of worth.  And that is what Len Ballantine Music is first of all about.

Accessibility – I believe that music ought to be accessible and approachable to the performer and the listener.  That is to say, the music ought to be within the grasp of the musicians, and listeners need to be readily able to understand it.  Both the music I strive to create, and the teaching I endeavour to impart, always contain a strong accessibility factor.

Satisfaction – I believe that music should be satisfying.  If I’ve done my job well, there will be a high satisfaction component to both the role of the performer and to the result in the listener.  The intent of my music and teaching is that all the participants come away with a deep sense of satisfaction.  And this is the final reason why Len Ballantine Music exists.


Len Ballantine
Len BallantineComposer, Arranger, Conductor, Coach
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