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Shop FAQ’s2017-01-29T22:58:36-05:00

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What is the Print Copy License on each product?2017-05-03T20:38:28-05:00

Your Print Copy License is based on the quantity entered at the time of purchasing a composition.

When you purchase music for your choir, you must purchase the quantity of print copy licenses that is equal to the number copies required to rehearse and perform to work.

For example, a typical church choir of 26 voices with a piano accompanist and conductor must purchase 28 copies of the music.

The copy limit is printed on your PDF download, along with your name, the purchase date, and license number.

Please see the Ethical Terms of Use Policy for specific information about copying music.

Why are there minimum quantities on choral music?2016-04-16T15:18:06-05:00

While the music is intended to be accessible to choirs of all sizes, there is a reasonable minimum number of musicians required to produce the music with accuracy and integrity.

Generally speaking, those minimums might be represented as a group with 3 sopranos, 2 altos, 2 tenors and 2 basses, plus an accompanist and conductor.

When you order choral music for your group, we expect that you’ll honestly purchase the quantity needed to put a copy in each member’s hand.  We’ve set these works with a minimum quantity to help you meet that number, and mitigate our loss of income from those who choose to break the Copy Limit outlined in the Ethical Terms of Use Policy.

Who are you, and what’s this all about?2015-11-04T16:27:10-05:00

Good question!  You can read all about me, my experience and future plans on the About page.

Can I see or try the music before I buy copies for my group?2016-04-16T15:25:15-05:00

Yes! Many of the products in the online catalogue have audio and video previews.

If you’re not sure that you’ll love the music, download the free sample preview file.  These watermarked PDFs are a substantial portion of the music.  You can read through it yourself or with your group before purchasing the full, un-watermarked score.

Do I have to enter a quantity for my purchase?2017-05-03T20:43:24-05:00

Unless you only need one print copy license of the music (to replace a lost or destroyed single copy) you must enter the quantity according to your group size or needs.

The copy limit is printed on your PDF download, along with your name, the purchase date, and license number.

Please refer to the Ethical Terms of Use Policy and the Copying Music FAQs for more information.

Why can’t I copy anything I want?2015-10-09T23:09:51-05:00

When you purchase music for yourself, your choir or band, you are only licensed to print the number of copies needed for the size of your group.

It’s against the law, other than in very specific circumstances, to make unauthorized copies of copyrighted materials.

How do I pay for my purchase?2015-10-09T23:37:07-05:00

We accept all major credit cards – Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover.  You can add your credit card information in the secured checkout form for immediate processing.

You can also pay by cheque, but you will not have access to your products until the cheque has been received and processed.  Once we’ve received and processed your cheque, we’ll send you the email receipt that includes links to download the products.

How will I receive my purchase?2017-05-03T20:42:53-05:00

All of our music products on our website are digital downloads. We don’t mail physical music or CDs.

After you complete the checkout form, you’ll receive an email receipt with all of your information. At the bottom of the receipt will be a link to download your purchased products.  The link will open your web browser and the file will begin downloading immediately.

You can also access your purchased files from your purchase history on My Account page.

Click on the music title link beside “Download Now” to get your music file.  If the file doesn’t start saving to your computer automatically, try right-clicking the link and choose “Save link as…”

I’m in a different country. Are the prices different in my currency?2018-07-04T13:40:13-05:00

The prices listed on the website are in Canadian dollars.  When you purchase a product, your credit card will be billed in your own currency according to the exchange rate at the time of the transaction.

Click here to find the current exchange rate for your currency.

Do you offer refunds if I’m not happy with the music?2016-04-16T15:20:05-05:00

No. With digital products, it’s not possible to issue refunds.

If you’re not sure that you’ll love the music, download the free sample preview file.  These watermarked PDFs are a substantial portion of the music.  You can read through it yourself or with your group before purchasing the full un-watermarked score.

Do I need to create an account to purchase music?2017-05-03T20:41:00-05:00

Yes, you do. But we’ve made it easy.

Creating an account at the checkout gives you access to your purchase history, invoices, and downloads.  Creating an account is a simple part of the checkout process.  If you’ve already been a customer, you can log in on either My Account or during the checkout page.

How do I open and print my music purchases?2015-11-17T21:30:37-05:00

Almost every piece of music on the website is in PDF format.  Instrumental packages with multiple parts are combined in a ZIP file.

To open and print PDF files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free program (

Most modern operating systems handle ZIP files like regular system folders, but you might need a program to extract the files. We recommend a free program called 7-Zip (


Can I make a band arrangement of a copyrighted piano solo?2015-10-09T23:09:28-05:00

No. Making any arrangement is a duplication, and permission must be obtained from the copyright owner.

Can I make a flute arrangement of a copyrighted work for cornet?2015-10-09T23:09:39-05:00

No. Making any arrangement is a duplication, and permission must be obtained from the copyright owner.

What if I am faced with a special situation?2015-10-09T23:10:04-05:00

If you want to include copyrighted lyrics in a song sheet – arrange a copyrighted song for four baritones and kazoo – or make any special use of copyrighted music which is not available in regular published form, the magic word is . . ASK. You must have the property owner’s permission to make any arrangements or use any part of their work that is not already in published form.

What if there’s not time to ask for permission?2015-10-09T23:10:19-05:00

Sorry, that makes no difference. Think of copyrighted music as a piece of property, and you’ll be on the right track. Plan ahead.

What about photocopies that are now in our church / school / library?2015-10-09T23:10:27-05:00

Unauthorized photocopies should be destroyed immediately. Replace them with legal editions.

Can I make copies of copyrighted music first and then ask permission?2015-10-09T23:10:35-05:00

No. Permission must be secured prior to any duplication. Making copies of music beyond your print copy license limit is a breach of the Ethical Terms of Use Policy and against the law.

As a soloist, is it permissible for me to make a photocopy of a copyrighted work for my accompanist?2015-10-09T23:06:11-05:00

No. Permission for duplication, for any purpose whatsoever, must be secured from the copyright owner.

Unless you plan to accompany yourself, you need to purchase a print copy license for the accompanist.

I found a bug or have some technical problem. How do I get help?2015-11-17T21:52:55-05:00

Sometimes things don’t go as expected… If you’ve found a bug or have trouble with the website, let us know.  Fill in the technical support form under the Contact menu and we’ll work towards helping you or fixing the bug right away.

Is it permissible to print words only on a one-time basis, such as in a concert program?2015-10-09T23:10:45-05:00

No. Permission must be secured prior to any duplication. Using ‘just the words’ makes no difference.

The exception is if the words of the music are public domain.  For example, songs set to scriptural text.

Can I make a PowerPoint slide of a copyrighted song for use on a projector?2017-01-29T22:58:37-05:00

No. The making of a slide, digital photo or even transparency is a duplication, and permission must be secured from the copyright owner.

If you need to project the copyright material, ask for permission in advance.

Can I make a record or tape using a prerecorded instrumental accompaniment track?2015-10-09T23:11:11-05:00

Two permissions are necessary here. One is from the copyright owner of the selection to be recorded, and the second is from the producer/manufacturer of the original record.

What about the photocopiers who don’t “get caught”?2015-10-09T23:11:19-05:00

Frankly, we cannot imagine what kind of school, church or professional musician would derive satisfaction from being a thief. They force the price of legal editions higher. They enrich the manufacturers of copying machines at the expense of composers, authors, publishers and music retailers. They risk embarrassment from professional colleagues who understand the law; and they risk fines and jail sentences if taken to court.

Remember, any use of a copyrighted work for any purpose- for church, for school, for a non-profit organization- to be sold, to be rented- “just for our church” – words only-“we’re not selling copies” – emergency use – failure to locate the owner – or any other reason or justification- requires permission BEFORE any duplication or copies can be made.

If you know of a school, a church, etc., where illegal photocopying goes on, take a stand. Send all information to:

Canadian Music Publishers Association
320 – 56 Wellesley Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 2S3

How far do you travel for engagements?2015-10-09T23:11:28-05:00
I remember a song from years ago… Where can I get a copy?2015-10-09T22:47:04-05:00


Where can I listen to your music?2015-10-09T22:47:04-05:00
Are you available to provide organ or piano music for church services?2015-10-09T23:11:47-05:00
Can you accompany my choir?2015-11-04T16:11:25-05:00

Yes. Contact me to discuss.

Can you teach our group some music?2015-10-09T23:12:08-05:00

Yes – talk about workshops and guest conducting

How can I contact you directly?2015-10-09T23:13:46-05:00

The best way to reach us directly is by email or Skype.  If you need to contact us by telephone, please email us to schedule a time.

Do you still officiate weddings and funerals?2015-10-09T23:08:09-05:00