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Shop FAQ’s2017-01-29T22:58:36-05:00

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Can I see or try the music before I buy copies for my group?2016-04-16T15:25:15-04:00

Yes! Many of the products in the online catalogue have audio and video previews.

If you’re not sure that you’ll love the music, download the free sample preview file.  These watermarked PDFs are a substantial portion of the music.  You can read through it yourself or with your group before purchasing the full, un-watermarked score.

Why are there minimum quantities on choral music?2016-04-16T15:18:06-04:00

While the music is intended to be accessible to choirs of all sizes, there is a reasonable minimum number of musicians required to produce the music with accuracy and integrity.

Generally speaking, those minimums might be represented as a group with 3 sopranos, 2 altos, 2 tenors and 2 basses, plus an accompanist and conductor.

When you order choral music for your group, we expect that you’ll honestly purchase the quantity needed to put a copy in each member’s hand.  We’ve set these works with a minimum quantity to help you meet that number, and mitigate our loss of income from those who choose to break the Copy Limit outlined in the Ethical Terms of Use Policy.

I found a bug or have some technical problem. How do I get help?2015-11-17T21:52:55-05:00

Sometimes things don’t go as expected… If you’ve found a bug or have trouble with the website, let us know.  Fill in the technical support form under the Contact menu and we’ll work towards helping you or fixing the bug right away.

How do I open and print my music purchases?2015-11-17T21:30:37-05:00

Almost every piece of music on the website is in PDF format.  Instrumental packages with multiple parts are combined in a ZIP file.

To open and print PDF files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free program (

Most modern operating systems handle ZIP files like regular system folders, but you might need a program to extract the files. We recommend a free program called 7-Zip (


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