Unique music to suit unique needs

Just as special occasions help define a group’s journey, music specially written for the occasion can add icing to the cake.

The exclusivity of commissioned music often becomes a “signature piece” in a soloist or group’s repertoire.

Commissions are best suited for specific occasions, milestones or to honour people, places and achievements.

My creative process includes dialogue and consultation with your group. We’ll discuss the theme or purpose for the music, determine its overall impression and programming considerations. We’ll explore the capabilities of the group and any special elements and features at hand (solo voices, instrumentation, techniques) to work into the composition.

Recent commissions

HSSB & Orpheus Choir – The Christmas Truce (2014)

Cameron Rawlins (Euphonium soloist) – A Three Piece Suit (2012)

Peterborough Singers – The Night of the Magi, The Night of the Angel, The Night of the God-Child (2014)

UK Territorial Music School of The Salvation Army – In The Beginning

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