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M is for Muffin

I love the way certain words just sound like their meaning… like muffin. […]

M is for Muffin2015-12-10T14:07:07-04:00

Say It Again, Sam

When things aren’t quite coming together you need to stop singing and start […]

Say It Again, Sam2015-12-10T14:07:07-04:00

Face To Face

I’ve often admitted that the hardest thing to get used to when leading […]

Face To Face2015-12-10T14:07:07-04:00

New Blog Post

Hey check this out

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New Blog Post2017-01-29T22:58:37-04:00

Picture It!

If the routine of teaching notes seems to be bogging down your rehearsal… […]

Picture It!2017-01-29T22:58:37-04:00

Show It!

If explaining what you want to the choir has become old hat… demonstrate the […]

Show It!2015-12-10T14:07:08-04:00

Operative Words

In every phrase of vocal music, there is usually one word that occupies a […]

Operative Words2017-01-29T22:58:37-04:00