There’s nothing like getting down to basics.  And there’s nothing more basic than the title at the top of the page!  When was the last time you referred to the title when trying to teach a new piece of music?  Don’t worry, you’re in good company.  The title sits there like a roadside billboard… seldom considered in depth, and often avoided altogether.

But the title at the top of the page most likely contains the one idea that breaks open the whole purpose of the piece!  And singers, like the sheep or cattle you see alongside the roadside, need to be guided there to be nourished by the goodness that will transform their performance into something that is alive.

For example, the title, ‘One Cold Night’ is more than a title.  It is a set-up.  It tells you that this is a story-tellin’ song, a narrative.  And that informs how we understand it, approach it, and actually sing it. What happened on the ‘One Cold Night’?  Well, let’s find out!