If the routine of teaching notes seems to be bogging down your rehearsal… it’s time to break into the flow with a well-placed illustration or word picture.  Illustrating your idea with a quick anecdote, or slice or life, or piece of trivia, or spot of humour will make your point more palatable.  And almost anything you say will provide a brief mental diversion for the choir, so launch into a story that will help reinforce the thing you’re working on.

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words… and a verbal picture from a different context is worth at least a thousand starts and stops as you try to bring your choir to a point of familiarity and confidence with the music.  This often becomes an opportunity for humour, or drama, or passion, or tenderness.  They’ll ‘get it’.  And they’ll be less passive and sing more actively attached to the song when they go back to work.