Frankly, we cannot imagine what kind of school, church or professional musician would derive satisfaction from being a thief. They force the price of legal editions higher. They enrich the manufacturers of copying machines at the expense of composers, authors, publishers and music retailers. They risk embarrassment from professional colleagues who understand the law; and they risk fines and jail sentences if taken to court.

Remember, any use of a copyrighted work for any purpose- for church, for school, for a non-profit organization- to be sold, to be rented- “just for our church” – words only-“we’re not selling copies” – emergency use – failure to locate the owner – or any other reason or justification- requires permission BEFORE any duplication or copies can be made.

If you know of a school, a church, etc., where illegal photocopying goes on, take a stand. Send all information to:

Canadian Music Publishers Association
320 – 56 Wellesley Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 2S3