How does a love first know the interest of her lover?  It’s in the eyes, isn’t it?!  Across the crowded room, a warm smile, an encouraging response to humour or an innocent query.  It’s unmistakable.  It’s the LOOK of Love . . . Actors are paid big coin for mastering the look of love and every other expression that is revealed through the human gaze.  And singers need to take note!

Not many things get by the eyes . . . right?  Eyes both detect minute details of information coming in and also reflect subtle emotions going out.  It is the latter which interests me the most as applies to the art of singing and leading. The eyes not only receive information but they are at the centre of our facial responses, thus reveal everything that’s in our mind and heart.  The eyes, truly are . . . a window of the soul.

The first thing our eyes show is our interest.  A leader can always tell the investment the choir is giving towards a particular song by ‘the look’ on the faces of the singers.  The look of engagement, the look of focus, the look of interest creates much more than a visual impression . . . the look is ultimately reflected in the SOUND!  This is because attitude is given away in our eyes.  And the attitude of the singer deeply affects the sound of the voice.

Think of it, you have no difficulty knowing whether or not the singers like the song they’re singing.  It’s written on their faces.  And it’s written in their sound as well . . . because we sing through our eyes.  We do it whether we’re conscious of it or not.  And singing through your eyes can work for you if you’re using it, and work against you if you’re indifferent to it.

The next time a phrase is dull, lifeless or lacks conviction . . . identify the ‘operative word’ in the phrase and ask the singers to Sing it with their Eyes.  Then listen for the difference!

And send me an example of a phrase where you tried this and it worked.